Love Vibrant Everlasting

Poetry Challenge – Write a non-rhyming poem in no more than 10 lines, that is inspired by the word (VIBRANT) and photo prompt.





No fairy tale ease

But daily diligence

Pulse beats strong in all seasons

Purple hyacinth springtime through

Smoked copper-crimson, autumn’s dusk ~ and

Winter’s muted embrace, passionate souls

©Pax & Co., 2018. All rights reserved.


Broken Shadows Song

Distant music draws

Holy veil over night;

Stills its spinning dish—

That barely discerned

Hum before rain;

Strums silvered strings

‘Mid silky-brushed patter—

A haunting balm’d song

Which can’t fully soften

Pain’s sharp-toothed truth

As it saturates souls

Already lost at birth;

And shields like a sieve

Their broken shadows—

Soaked through, stumbling

‘Neath street lamps…

©Pax & Co., 2018. All rights reserved.

Foreigner No More

“Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow-citizens with the saints, and of the household of God” ~ Ephesians 2:19, King James Bible

Despite raggedy dress

Soul’s discomfort, sin

Washed in The Blood

I approach God’s Throne

No longer foreign to

Almighty Sovereign Lord

Who shows no disdain

For ones undeserving

Lost, maimed and leprous

Christ took the Cross for us

©Pax & Co., 2018. All rights reserved.